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With over 4.8 million inhabitants, Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. Not only is it the country’s second strongest economic area, but it also enjoys the reputation of being the brightest, wildest and most romantic city in Russia.The old Tsarist city sits on the eastern side of the Baltic Sea, the Gulf of Finland, which is comprised of 43 islands and consists of 10% water. It is often referred to as: “The Venice of the North”... read more

Moscow is not only the capital of the Russian Federation but it’s the most populous city with 11.55 million inhabitants and also the heart of Russian politics, economics, religion and culture. The numerous facets of this city located on the Moskva River metropolis are founded on an eventful history which goes back to the year 1147 when Moscow was first mentioned in writing. read more

Shanghai serves especially as the most important industrial centre of the People's Republic of China and is undoubtedly one of the largest and most majestic cities in the world. Aided by the port location in the estuary of the Yangtze River on the Huangpu River, the city is a weighty transportation hub; it is not in vain that the name of the city means "up the sea". read more

Macao is a special administrative region on the southern coast of the People's Republic of China. Macau lies on the western side of the Pearl River Delta across from Hong Kong, which is about 64 kilometers to the east. With an estimated population of around 636,200 living in an area of 30.3 km2, it is the most densely populated region in the world.... read more

Our exhibition in Shenzhen led to contacts from surrounding cities, which enabled us to show the “Handmade in Germany”-show at another station in Zhuhai over the turn of the year. The exhibition took place at the Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center, which is a new cultural building in Zhuhai that recently opened ... read more

This November „Handmade in Germany“ is bringing its exhibition of German design and handcrafted products to Shenzhen. The Chinese city, which is often described as a boomtown, is located in the province of Guangdong and is a significant pillar of the Chinese economy. To its south, Shenzhen directly borders on Hongkong.

Hong Kong - the name of the city "Fragrant Harbour" already tells of a special formulation: The Essence of counterparties located in the Pearl River Delta agarwood trees was used in religious ceremonies and as an ethereal fragrance for incense and medicinal recipes. The rugged urban area spreading across a half and several hundred islands is growing constantly. read more

The Handmade-Worldtour welcomes you to Tianjin. The mega-city, which has recently become part of the integrated economic region with the adjacent cities of Beijing and Hebei, is an industrial center, traffic hub and cultural center with universities, colleges, museums and monuments. read more

Saudi Arabia and Germany have been linked to eachother by good economic relations for many years. The friendship treaty between the two countries was already formulated in 1929. From technology to bread to eco-products – the interest in German products is as deep as diverse... read more

The capital city of Qatar, Doha, is situated at the Persian Gulf and houses 521,283 people. The population is 796,947 inhabitants. The city is rapidly growing with Ar-Rayyan, just nine kilometers away. As in many cities on the Persian Gulf, the skyline of Doha is increasingly characterized by impressive high-rise buildings, some of which show... read more

Dubai is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates at the Persian Gulf and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, where about 85% of the residents of the Emirates live. Accordingly, almost all of the economic, social, cultural and political life of the emirate takes place here. This fact is a tourist attraction: With up to 14 million foreign tourists annually,...
 read more

Mexico City – this is El Día de los Muertos (Feast of the Dead), is Tequila and Tango, is Frida Kahlo and pre-Columbian tradition. Mexico City is the colorful, intoxicating, also dangerous and contradictory beautiful capital of the country. Since Alexander von Humboldt reported on his travels to Mexico at the beginning of the 19th century... read more

New York City is considered to be the secret capital of the world. Its global significance, being also situated just off the east coast of the United States, with more than eight million inhabitants whilst also being the most populous city in the United States, is manifested in the presence of international institutions.
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Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada with 2.6 million inhabitants as well as the fourth largest city in North America; also the Great Toronto region is home to more than 6.2 million people.

Although situated high in the north, Toronto – whose name is derived from the Huron word for fish trap – is characterized by a maritime flair... read more

The city of Miami is located in the U.S. state of Florida and includes an urban area of approximately 143 km2. Viewed from the water, Miami is considered as located at the mouth of the Miami River in Biscayne Bay, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. Tall skyscrapers aspire skyward which are witnesses of the immense construction boom of the 1920s, which the city owes its nickname... read more

Die Berliner Manufaktur „Frau Tonis Parfum“ komponiert klare und einzigartige Düfte mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert. Produziert werden die exklusiven Parfums sowohl im französischen Grasse, der Welthauptstadt der Düfte, als auch in Berlin.

Besonderen Wert legt die Manufaktur dabei auf qualitativ hochwertige Inhaltsstoffe, die aus nachhaltigem Anbau in Europa stammen. Die Herstellung der Düfte verstehen die Manufakteure als traditionelles und authentisches Kunsthandwerk. Wahrhaft künstlerische, individuelle Duftunikate, darunter das energetisch-frische Berlin Summer und Klassiker wie Linde Berlin und Reines Veilchen – Marlene Dietrichs Lieblingsduft aus den 1920ern – sind das überzeugende Ergebnis. Duftliebhaber können sich außerdem auch ihr ganz persönliches Parfüm anfertigen lassen. 36 große Apothekerflaschen stehen in der Werkstatt bereit, aus denen der Kunde nicht nur seinen bevorzugten Duft wählen, sondern in einem gemeinsamen Kreativprozess mit den Duftexperten auch selbst sein individuelles Parfüm komponieren kann.
Stefanie Hanssen und Christoph Niedermeier gründeten die Berliner Manufaktur „Frau Tonis Parfum“ 2009. Namenspatronin und Inspiration ist die Großmutter der Gründerin. Heute findet man ihren Lieblingsduft – Rose de France mit frischen Eukalyptusnoten – im eleganten Berliner Store. Bei Flacons und Raumgestaltung setzen die Manufakteure gezielt auf Eleganz und Purismus statt auf opulente Optik. In den Räumen der Duft-Boutique stehen die Düfte selbst als sinnliches Erlebnis und Inspirationsquelle im Mittelpunkt.

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